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Gravity accelerates us down the mountainside; the strength of our body overcomes it in dance.

Gravity is a constant participant in the game.

Based on the Dragonfly Gravity ski clothing collection, we created unique costumes for two dance numbers from the Ural Ballet Fashion Gala 2019 program.

Feel the force of attraction from the stage of the Ural Opera Ballet!

On September 13-14-15, in the Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater, along with classical productions, copyright numbers in the clothes of Russian designers will be presented.

The art project was created thanks to the participation of:

Creative Director Danil Kuzvesov and Design Odyssey Studio

photo project Danil Dyukarev

ballet dancer from the troupe Ural Opera Ballet Rafael Morel

Ural Ballet Fashion Gala coordinator and curator of the photo project choreography Elena Trubetskova

About the event from the organizers.

The tradition of "fashionable gala" exists in the world's largest ballet companies - the most famous of them are satisfied  (?) with the New York City Ballet. In Russia, the Ural Ballet introduced this format: the gala that completed the 2017/2018 season saw large crowds. The theater is returning to this format. The program is again based on fragments of classical ballets - The Nutcracker, Vain Precaution, La Bayadere and others - and Russian clothing designers commissioned new theater outfits for the performers. It is proposed that we see the choreography that is familiar to us with a fresh look - show its emotional charge, move away from clichéd ballet and "ballet" images. Before each presentation there will be an opportunity to chat in the lobby with the organizers and participants of the project, designers, and representatives of the brands.

Ural Ballet artists also appear in new, sometimes unexpected, images: the current Fashion Gala will also be a presentation of the troupe, which in the new season will be replenished by graduates of choreographic schools from Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Several premieres will take place in the program: new miniatures for the concert are staged by the Ural Ballet choreographers - Anton Pimonov, Igor Bulytsyn, Konstantin Khlebnikov, Ekaterina Kuznetsova.

Finally, Fashion Gala, like last time, will be an exhibition of huge paintings, which are part of the set design by Ural Ballet. Taken out of the context of the performances, they turn into self-valuable art objects of an impressive scale - whether it is a reproduction of Van Gogh's “ Iris” or a collage of Goya engravings and old posters 1011 meters in size. The full program of each concert will be announced specially performed to the soundtrack.

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